Breathe. Meditate. Smile.
21 Days of Transformation
21 Days of Meditation
CSE Annual Meditation Sit-a-thon

One conscious breath will change your mind.
-Yogacharya O’Brian


Join others for 21 days of meditation to:

Change your life in positive ways
Improve your relationships
Make a positive contribution to the lives of others
CSE’s annual meditation Sit-a-thon is a community-wide educational fundraising event that supports free resources, classes, and outreach for meditation instruction and practice for people around the world.

Various Ways to Participate:
Join a team: Share online educational materials about meditation with others  Set a goal and invite friend to sponsor you with donations to CSE. Or be a team of one!

Meditate: Enhance your practice by being part of the 21 day meditation program with over a hundred others. Watch inspirational videos from Yogacharya O'Brian.

Donate: Offer your financial support as a meditator or as a sponsor of someone who is meditating during the Sit-a-thon and provide essential resources that transforms lives. Or sponsor yourself! 


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