1,008+ Rays of Light


We are all potential conduits for the awakening of planetary consciousness. When it is time for a divine idea to be expressed, Spirit finds a willing vehicle. Consciously participating in global awakening is signing up for our own transformation.

-Yogacharya O'Brian, Living for the Sake of the Soul


Just as the sun gives its light freely and equally to all, bringing forth transformation and growth in nature, as human beings we have the capacity to share our light and bring forth transformation in our world.

At CSE we support this transformative process by offering free meditation classes to hundreds of people each year, and by providing free meditation sessions every day of the year. Your participation in this sit-a-thon is a way of saying yes to consciously participate in global awakening by supporting us to continue offering free meditation classes and programs for adults and youth. 

CSE’s annual Meditation Sit-a-thon is a community-wide educational fundraising event that supports free resources, classes, and outreach for meditation instruction and practice for people around the world.

Saturday, October 27, 2018
  (6:30am - 6:30pm)

Join us for any or all of the day of free programs including: sitting meditation, learn how to meditate classes, gentle yoga classes, walking meditation, kids yoga, chi gong, vegetarian meals, and more. (more details)

Ways to Participate: 

Join a Team: Share online educational materials about meditation with others. Set a goal and invite friends to sponsor you with donations to CSE. Or, lead your own team. (click here)

Meditate: Join us for the launch event on 10/27/18. Enhance your practice by being part of the 21-day meditation program with over a hundred others. Participate in free meditation sessions at CSE during the 21 days. (Daily 6:30-7:30am; Mon-Thurs 4-4:30pm; Mondays 7:30-8:15pm)

Donate: offer your financial support to sponsor a sit-a-thon participant, and help to provide essential resources that transforms lives. (click here)


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