Staying in touch with the benefits of superconscious meditation is a helpful support to keep us inspired to practice every day. While meditation is not a cure all, its positive benefits are well known. Remind yourself to be good to yourself by meditating today and every day.
  1. Stress Less
  2. Glow More
  3. Love Better
  4. Live Wiser
  5. Raise Energy
  6. Get Focused
  7. See Clearly
  8. Be Happy
  9. Thrive Now
  10. Wake Up

You want to reduce stress.

Meditation is a proven method to reduce stress from the body and mind. It induces deep relaxation, which removes physical tension and mental anxiety. Studies show that blood lactate levels are reduced during meditation which is indicative of a more relaxed state.
You’d like to improve your health and sense of well

The stressreducing ability of meditation is a primary factor contributing to better health. This supports normalizing blood pressure and strengthening the immune system. Increased mental and emotional calm and clarity derived from regular meditation practice also supports our bodymind connection and helps us to make better choices related to our overall health.
You want to improve your relationships.

Meditation clarifies the mental field which contributes to inner peace and aids our discernment process. When we are feeling more peaceful and our thought process is more orderly, we are less likely to be reactive. We can approach our relationships with more presence, calm, and caring.
You want to live a more disciplined, purposeful life.

The discipline of a daily meditation practice provides a tangible foundation for purposeful living. Starting the day by investing in our the highest priority—being Selfrealized—and then living from the spiritual center of our being throughout the day, establishes a baseline for the inevitable choices we need to make.
You’re looking for more energy.

Longterm meditators exhibit signs of reduced biological aging and have higher energy levels. The biological age of longterm meditators is generally several years younger than their calendar age, demonstrated by higher energy levels, strong interest in life and learning, faster reaction times, stronger immune system and often better eyesight and hearing.
You want to have a sharp mind & healthy brain.

The concentration required to move attention into meditation exercises the mind and brain, enhancing our ability to focus and think clearly. Meditation has been shown to contribute to neuroplasticity and increase grey matter in the cortex of the brain.
You want to be more intuitive.

Meditation quiets the incessant flow of thought activity and allows us to access the deeper wisdom that is not dependent on mental processes. Intuition is soulknowing that is directly perceived.
You’d like to be happier.

As units of the One Reality called God, at the core of our being, we are already whole and complete. When the restless nature of the mind clears, we experience this wholeness. This experience reveals our innate contentment, the source of unconditional happiness.
You want to experience prosperity.

Our innate wholeness is revealed in meditation when awareness is removed from limiting conditions. Experiencing our unbounded essential nature opens us to possibility. With this inner experience of sufficiency we are better able to respond to opportunities that present themselves.
You want to be Self
and Godrealized.

When the restless activity of thought subsides during meditation, our attention and awareness can rest in our essential nature which is Supreme Consciousness—beyond ordinary thought activity. When awareness is no longer identified with the changes in the mental field but instead abides in the Self, we realize (know and experience) that which we are.