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Dear Friends and Family,

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, CA where I study and practice meditation has an annual fundraising event called "time to meditate" Meditate on Compassion Sit-a-thon.

The fundraiser is a Sit-a-thon. Instead of running, swimming, or biking I’ll be sitting and meditating on compassion. For 21 days I will meditate for at least 5 minutes beyond my regular time. So, as a part of our culture of giving back to our community I invite you to join me by making an investment in yourself, your family, our community and our world - by cultivating compassion for just 5 minutes each day, for 21 days. And to invest in supporting others in learning how to meditate by sponsoring me.

As participants in the event we join teams of meditators who commit to meditate at least 5 minutes each day for 21 days. As a team member we ask friends and family members to sponsor us as we meditate by making a donation to our meditation center (CSE) on our behalf.

I encourage you to also take up the challenge and meditate more each day to experience the Bliss that is inherent to your soul, and found in stillness as you reach Superconscious states of meditation. (Click here to access a guided inspiration video each day.)

I know most of you have your own groups of friends and I ask you to forward this request to as many as possible. I would be most grateful if you can share this broadly with all friends and family who are also students working to improve the world and bring greater peace, non-violent practices to families, schools, communities and nations. Let’s work together to make a more peaceful world.

For more information about this sit-a-thon and the programs your tax deductible donation will support click here.

To make your donation on line
click here, and then enter my name into the search box.

Thank you in advance, for your generous support.